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Projects added or expanded to help meet the needs of families dealing with the economic disruption resulting from COVID-19:


1. Grant of $1,000 to Wings of Grace Ministries, focusing on the needs of affected families for consumables such as food, diapers, etc.

2. Our member Linda Parrish so far has produced many dozens of masks and donated them to children affected by abuse and neglect, now in the care of Devereux behavioral health, to St Francis Hospice, and to the Navajo Nation in southwestern states.                      

3. Continuing financial and in-kind support for the children's and teachers' educational play activities at the West Melbourne School for Science, the Annual Melbourne Art Festival, various workshops directed by Dr. Walter and Kitty Drew based at the Reusable Resources Adventure Center, which serves as a distribution depot for the needed supplies, as well as at various workshop and events for arts and crafts for summer "camps," now also for the children in the care of Devereux behavioral health.

4. Kiwanis Club of Melbourne, in partnership with Coachjaya4health, is donating to The Children's Hunger Project of Brevard $5 per sale of the paperback Diabetes: What's the big Deal ?, by Dr. Jaya Prakash , Vice President and President-Elect of the club. (Raised $90 as of mid-June, 2020, with more anticipated as orders are filled.)

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